Be Part of Something Important and Rewarding in Dubuque

Many seniors withdraw from their communities, their families and friends if they can’t get around, and get around safely and affordably. DuRide has been developed as a private, non-profit system of ride sharing that provides seniors with a safe, dignified and consistent way to get around. It keeps them healthier, more active and contributing to their communities. Dubuque is an All America City and The Most Livable Small City in the U.S. DuRide is an innovative program that will keep seniors involved in our communities – and you can be part of it.

Volunteer on Your Terms

Please volunteer today – DuRIde will fit any schedule.
Join our 160 volunteers who are “paying it forward”!

If you become a DuRide volunteer, you will be giving your time to drive seniors to their local destinations.
You can volunteer on your own terms. Drive when you can. Make it work within your schedule. Volunteering is simple.

  • You’ll need a current valid driver’s license and proof of adequate insurance.
  • We’ll complete a routine background check to look at driving and criminal records.This offers peace of mind to riders.
  • You can use your own vehicle.You will be reimbursed for your mileage if you want; you can bank the miles you drive for your future transportation needs, or you can donate your miles to someone else.
  • You’ll receive a periodic statement that shows the hours you volunteered and the miles you drove, for your own tax purposes.
  • Know a friend who would like to volunteer, or become a member/rider? Pass the information onto them and DuRide can benefit others in the community!

To sign up, call 563-451-4999 or Email:

Be a Lifeline

Do you love to drive and have some spare time on your hands?
Think how fun and rewarding your help and companionship would be to a senior who can no longer get behind the wheel.

All of us have a stake in helping to ensure that older adults in Dubuque can remain active and independent once they stop driving. DuRide offers safe rides in cars, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Volunteers help older people stay connected to families, friends and activities that bring meaning to their lives. DuRide is available in Dubuque, Asbury and East Dubuque.

How Do Seniors Use DuRide?

Seniors can call DuRide to arrange for transportation whenever they need it, for whatever local trips they need to take, such as:

  • Appointments
  • Errands
  • Grocery store
  • Meals out
  • Church services
  • Visiting friends and relatives
  • Taking a class
  • Recreational activities – movies, concerts, plays, casino, exercise