How Do You Sign Up?

Call 563-451-4999 or e-mail the DuRide office to get started.

When you sign up, the process is simple and organized:

  • You will pay an annual fee of $45 when you sign up.
  • For each ride you take, you will pay a small pick-up fee for that trip. No money will exchange hands. You don’t need to tip any driver.
  • You will have your own Transportation Account, which will keep track your rides. You’ll receive a monthly account statement and pay it like any other bill. The statement will show the activity you accumulated for the previous month.
  • Through grants, donations and local sponsors, approximately half of the total cost will be covered by funds other than yours.This keeps DuRide affordable for Dubuque-area seniors.
  • Low income residents may qualify for assistance, upon request.

Questions? Call 563-451-4999
You may get a sample of the Membership Application.
Please contact us before returning the completed application.

Trade Your Car for Rides

If a member finds they no longer need their car, DuRide will offer a service to help get it sold for a fair price.
The proceeds from the sale of course belong to the member to use as they see fit. Often, a member will place some or all of the proceeds from the sale in their DuRide account to pay for future rides.